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We want to make wireless more affordable for Canadians.
We’re putting a whole wireless provider inside an app and offering a unique approach to pricing – Data On Tap™ with unlimited roll over. Watch our video to find out why we need tiny telecoms like dotmobile™ in Canada.
Join for free! We need ten thousand members to prove that Canadians want more affordable choices and real competition.

Our Blueprint

Member powered
Everything in the app
Simple and
Connect to multiple networks
Embrace AI and machine learning
Private by design

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We are looking for ten thousand founding members to help us validate our ideas and shape the future of dotmobile. Anyone can join and membership is free. You don’t have to leave your current provider or commit to any paid services to do it.
Today, being a member will grant you early access to our app as it is developed. Soon, members will have the option to contribute by:
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Growing the

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Sharing thoughts
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dotmobile app
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