a new kind of
wireless provider

We’re putting everything inside the app. No stores and no call centres. Voice, text, and data still use a SIM card, or eSIM if your phone supports it.
We won’t have old-school plans, just data by the gig with unlimited rollover. You'll be able to use it anywhere in Canada and the US without roaming fees.
You can download the first alpha release now, it’s free.

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You can vote on new features and contribute new ideas on our Build It! page.

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Everything in the app
Simple and
Connect to multiple networks
Embrace AI and machine learning
Private by design

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support tiny telecoms

Anyone can join and membership is free. You don’t have to leave your current provider or commit to any paid services to do it.
Join the tens of thousands of Canadians who want more choice when it comes to their wireless service providers. We believe that everyone in Canada deserves affordable and awesome wireless service, no matter who they are or where they live.
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Our Top Posts

We're still here

It’s been a minute since our last update, so let’s jump right into what we’ve been up to this past year.

Our Android app is temporarily unavailable

We have temporarily removed our Android app from Google Play, but it's still available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions - The 2021 CRTC "MVNO" Policy

Many of you have been wondering how the CRTC's latest policy impacts the launch of dotmobile, when and if it will happen, and what the price of data will be. Take a peek inside for the latest answers.

It's still 2006 at the CRTC

(UPDATED) The latest CRTC policy dedicated a half-dozen paragraphs to explaining why we can’t have nice things in Canada, and it’s because they are stuck in 2006 and convinced that their failed policies just need a little more time.

CRTC ruling is another loss for Canadians

The big decision is out, and it's not good for Canada. We break down why this ruling has nothing to do with MVNOs and everything to do with building more towers.

SIM pre-orders now available nationwide

Rogers is buying Shaw. Tiny telecoms are needed now more than ever. so we are accepting eSIM/SIM card pre-orders nationwide in anticipation of wireless service launching late this year.

Attn: Competition Bureau Canada

We are encouraging the Competition Bureau Canada to re-evaluate its support for facilities-based competition as part of the Wireless Industry Review, CRTC proceeding 2019-57, in light of the impending Rogers acquisition of Shaw.

More than 10K members, announcing service from $5 a month!

First and foremost, let's get the biggest question out of the way - now that we've reached ten thousand Founding Members, what benefits do you get for joining today?

Build It! SIM design

eSIM/SIM card pre-orders are now available nationwide. Use promo FREESIM in the app.

We've been approved as Canada's first Full MVNO

We are officially Canada's first approved Full MVNO, which is great news in advance of the CRTC's ruling on the wireless industry review!

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