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Wireless on your terms.
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Regulations are improving.
The rest is up to you.

Let your
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It's simple.
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We'll build it.

We need your
help to launch dotmobile™

Canadians need an affordable option for their wireless service. How will we do it? To start, we’re putting a whole wireless provider inside an app. No stores, no call centres, but everything else about your phone works the same.
Also, there won't be data plans; just Data On Tap™ with unlimited rollover. Plus you'll be able to use it anywhere in Canada and the US without roaming fees.
If you want to support our vision, join for free! With enough support we can prove that Canadians want more affordable choices and real competition.

Become a Founding Member and take the survey, it's free!

The first 10K Canadians to join dotmobile™ at this early stage will be our Founding Members, and there will be perks and benefits in the future. Today, they are helping to shape what we’re building. It's as simple as filling out our new member survey or voting on our ideas using the Build It! page.


We asked our members about their current provider


More than 5K Canadians signed up and took the survey


We use the feedback & insights to help us Build It!


The Blueprint to Build It!

Member powered
Everything in the app
Simple and
Connect to multiple networks
Embrace AI and machine learning
Private by design

Show your support,
join the community

We are looking for ten thousand Founding Members to help us validate our ideas and shape the future of dotmobile. Anyone can join and membership is free. You don’t have to leave your current provider or commit to any paid services to do it.
Being a Founding Member will grant you early access to our app as it is developed, as well as many other perks and benefits once we launch service.
Growing community

Grow the

Sharing thoughts

Share thoughts
and feedback
on our designs

Network performance

Test the
dotmobile app
and service


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Our Top Posts

Build It! Data Throttling Detection

The big telecoms finally have unlimited plans, a welcome relief from typically punitive overages. Despite what they want you to believe, however, there is nothing innovative about their approach. Freedom Mobile has been doing unlimited data for years, starting all the way back to when they were still called WIND; so for the better part of a decade, many Canadians have had their data throttled.

This is why you shouldn’t upgrade your phone

It’s smartphone-release season again, but not everyone is looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone, even if a stovetop is included. Unfortunately, too few also take the next steps that can truly save money.

Building a Telco with Flutter

We’re building a telco that also happens to be an app, or, we're building an app that also happens to be a telco. Whichever way you look at it, everything you expect from your wireless provider needs to be inside our app. It's more than traditional telco self-care, it needs to do more than display usage, push bill notifications, and upsell shiny new phones.  Our app needs to do it all. 

Build It! - Product Tile Designs

Share your thoughts on some early prototypes for our personalized accessory store, including which types of information you would like to see before tapping or clicking on a product for more details.

Fix it! - No service at the Raptors parade?

Were you affected by the wireless problems during the Raptor's victory parade? Even if you weren't able to be there (like me), there's a good chance you've encountered the same problem: lots of bars of signal on your phone but nothing works. How can we improve this experience?

A big week for wireless customers in Canada

Everyone has an opinion about wireless in Canada, and up until now the regulator only hears the opinions of the big telecoms. We're one of the companies who want to change that, to bring affordable and awesome wireless service to Canada - and we've just taken another step towards that goal.

Our first license and the hunt for an office

We're sharing pics from our office hunt and updates on what's coming next!

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