We designed our service to be more private.
Let us explain how it works.
At dotmobile, we have worked tirelessly and diligently to design our services in a way that respects and protects your personal information. Our business model is anchored on several principles, including the principles of Accessibility and Transparency. We uphold these principles in several ways, including providing our users with an easy to understand Privacy Policy and listing numerous examples of the types of information we collect and outlining how that information is used.
The legal stuff:
Login screen
JOIN with just an email address
An email address is all you need to become a member. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account!
PAY with a saved payment method
Our services are designed to authorize a credit card payment without saving the details of the credit card, instead, we use a token. In fact, the app connects directly to the payment processor so we don’t touch the card details for even a millisecond. We will store things like the last four digits of a card so that you have an easy to understand order and payment history, for example.
My profile screen
Notifications screen
CHOOSE how much information you wish to share
Some of our services are powered by our members, using the information they share with us and with other members. Consistent with our commitment to transparency, we put you in control of the amount of information you wish to share by identifying and displaying the places where we ask for additional personal information and keeping them optional wherever we can.
CHECK what information we are collecting about you.
We collect, use and otherwise handle your personal information according to our Privacy Policy. It outlines the purpose of collection for these pieces of information. We will make it easy for you to check the personal information we are collecting about you by providing you with tools to easily view this information.
Take CONTROL of your privacy settings:
Your privacy settings are managed by logging into your account. You can modify your consents and limit or increase the types of information we have access to. You can also opt-out or withdraw your dotmobile marketing consents through the “Unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of our e-mails. You can also request the deletion of your profile by sending an e-mail to info@dotmobile.app.
DELETE or anonymize associated connectivity monitoring data
We allow manual deletion of the data collected through the connectivity monitoring tool. It works by anonymizing the measurements so that the readings are no longer associated with your profile. It’s like resetting the mileage on a car’s dashboard without completely deleting your profile.
CANCEL anytime
We want you to stay with us, but we understand that at some point you may wish to cancel your Services. We have made this process quick and easy to follow. Simply log-in to your account and choose to cancel any services you are using, or completely delete your profile if you have no plans of returning. We will retain your information for ninety (90) days after you delete your account and we will thereafter anonymize your information. If you leave your old number with us, you can choose to protect it from being used again for up to three (3) years.