Your favourite homepage.

We'll explain what a "homepage dashboard" is and you'll share your favourites with us!


We're building a "Homepage Dashboard"... so, what's a homepage?

Okay, so here's what I found on the internet, it's "the introductory page of a website, typically serving as a table of contents for the site."

It's the starting point for a website or an app, it gives you access to all the other content or features.


Next question, what's a dashboard?

According to my very scientific internet search, it was originally "a board of wood or leather in front of a carriage, to keep out mud."  As carriages made way for the modern automobile, the definition evolved into "the panel facing the driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft, containing instruments and controls."

So, it's a panel of instruments and controls. This is pretty easy to visualize when you're thinking about a fixed interface, like the ones you see in the cockpit of a jumbo jet or the control room of a nuclear reactor.


What about a dynamic, digital interface - like an app or a website? 

Well, a good dashboard follows some basic design principles. 

  1. The information allows you to make quick, easy decisions
  2. They present relevant information that answers your most important questions
  3. You can interact with the information if you need to make more complicated decisions



Share your favourite homepage or dashboard with us!

We want you to share examples of a great homepage, one that makes it easy to discover content and website features.

If you're into numbers and stats, maybe there's an app or website with a great dashboard you'd like to share.

Let's see what you've got!

09:36 2019/10/04

I agree with most of the previous comments. Simple, just essential numbers

09:37 2019/10/04

Yup yup!

09:43 2019/10/04


09:44 2019/10/04

I also liked the idea to customize the gadgets

09:56 2019/10/04

That's what I thought!

02:49 2019/10/07

Agree. Thumbs up!

08:43 2019/10/04

Most service providers have confusing and cluttered home pages, and it'd be nice to have something easy to use.

08:44 2019/10/04

Totally agree. Looking forward to the design example!

08:39 2019/10/04

Maybe it would be cool to have a customizable one? Like to turn off any dashboard items if you don't need/use them?

08:40 2019/10/04

Yeah, but at the same time - not flooded with the information with all those fancy gadgets?

02:52 2019/10/07

Agree. Thumbs up!

11:59 2019/07/11

Clark The BBC has an interactive site that allows the reader to decide how deep they want to drill down for information on a news story or a product. Perhaps you may want to evaluate it for your dashboard.

18:43 2019/07/08

Tangerine Bank has a pretty good dashboard. They also have a Goals section and a Recipe section. Goals let you build towards any goal. Recipes let you design IF-THEN rules. Both these features could be used by dot mobile. Like wouldn't it be great if we could save minutes or time into a bank account, and then use them in a month where life got crazy? As well, what about saving up phone expenses for a trip (either with actual money, or accrue data/minutes savings? Ideas to consider.

17:26 2019/07/04

The home page should be simple and easy to read/interpret and only show important information. It should show data usage billing cycle and cost. You should also be able to add addons like roaming. It should also be separate from the sales website.

21:48 2019/06/21

Something simple and easy to understand. Most service providers have confusing and cluttered home pages, and it'd be nice to have something easy to use. Easy access to settings such as raising your spending limit straight from the homepage would be very useful. If everything turns out as we can see right now, the homepage won't need much, so if it could be treated as a way to view your data/phone and text statistics, and quick settings for your account, it'd already be one of the cleanest homepages we're seeing right now.

16:25 2019/06/07

Simple. Initial page/homepage should only need to show data usage and remaining data as well as a simple calculation E.G. 5GB remaining, 10 days remaining = 0.5 GB per day to stay on track. Texting and Canada wide talk is included so no need to report on main page. H

17:27 2019/06/06

I like simplicity as much as possible. Also, like fairness.

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