What is bad connectivity?

We want to hear about the times you were let down by no signal, missed calls, disappearing text messages, or plain old bad connectivity.

Being connected isn't a speed test.

Making a phone call, receiving a text message, or playing an online game are affected by more than just data speed, if it's even a factor at all.  There are lots of other things to consider, like the type of network you're connected to or the latency (delay) of the information being sent and received.  

Even though we wouldn't say no to more speed, we wouldn't take it at the expense of other services, being able to connect everywhere, or getting a reliable level of service.  Besides, I can't watch more movies with faster download speed since they already play pretty much instantly.


Tell us about your experiences with bad connectivity.

We want to hear about what went wrong - the times you couldn't get a signal or when a phone call went straight to voicemail.  Maybe you got three days worth of text messages all at once or you had agonizingly slow data speeds even with full bars of signal.  We've had experiences with bad connections while roaming and misleading coverage maps, but tell us about yours.


We want to measure connectivity, but better.

What's important to you should be important to your carrier.  Help us understand what to measure so we can build tools that aren't designed for carriers to award themselves a "fastest network" medal.  Comment below!

16:59 09/24

Going into buildings like a university campus and losing service (freedom mobile)

19:41 06/07

I thought sugar mobile would be a game changer, but every call between 14:30min and 15 min mysteriously drops.

17:59 06/07

I have one contact in my phone that I have to call twice every time. The first time the call doesn’t go through and it goes straight to voicemail. And the second time it goes through. No idea why but has been that way for months now.

11:37 06/07

I want to get an average connection speed and how much time I have spent without connectivity in my mailbox or presented on a dashboard. I am buying connectivity services, makes sense to have it!

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