Update on the Public Alpha release of dotmobile App

UPDATE: Public Alpha release of our app is now available for Android phones.

Just when we thought we were ready to introduce our app to our members, we were faced with a few last-minute and critical hurdles. Therefore, we had to make a tough decision of pushing the launch of our app to the second week of June instead of the 1st of June.

Over this week, we have been working round the clock to fix issues that were identified close to the app deployment. We are ensuring that the app when released is more stable for our members to use.

As of now, the following are the updates on our app:

  • Android version: 

The newest app build was submitted on Google Play on the 5th of June. We are now waiting for its approval. Once approved, we’ll rerun an internal test and check for app's stability. As soon as we have a clear go on all features working well, we’ll release the app for our members to download early next week.

  •  iOS version:

We identified some issues with iOS payment and are working on integrating those. As soon as that’s fixed, we’ll push the built on App store for Apple to approve and our members to download. The release of the iOS version may likely be a few days after the Android release.

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

App Status Update: 06.15.2020

Following are the latest updates on our app as of today afternoon: 

Two pending approvals for the android version were cleared off:

1) The build submitted on Google Play on the Jun 5th was approved on June 11th. 

2) Google Payment was approved today morning. 

  •  iOS version:

1) Apple Payment has been approved.

We are now performing smoke testing on both versions to ensure that the most important functions in the app are running well. As soon as we have a clear go on all functions working well, we’ll release the app for our members to download later this week.