The public Alpha is here!

It's finally here, the first Alpha release of the dotmobile app. Along with making these first features and services available to anyone in Canada, no matter who their wireless service provider is, we're also announcing perks and discounts for founding members.

dotmobile™ is a smart tiny telecom with a big goal - to make wireless more affordable and awesome for Canadians. Our vision completely reimagines being a wireless service provider and puts everything inside an app. For any sized team, this takes time and can be a daunting task, which is why we are building it in stages.

As you know the Canadian wireless industry is still deciding the fate of full Mobile Virtual Network Operators like us (aka Tiny Telecoms). You can read our latest submission to the regulator about how the impacts of Covid-19 have increased the need for flexible wireless service for youth, seniors, students, small businesses, families, and newcomers, no matter where they live. You can also watch our presentation to the CRTC from back when in-person meetings were still happening.

At the same time, we were busy building essential features for the app and expanding on some of that functionality to create early value for our founding members.

Releasing our marketplace first is a great way for us to test the e-commerce features (or m-commerce in our case) that will be required for wireless service. It will also provide us with a better understanding of how members are taking care of their phone throughout its lifecycle so we can better prioritize new features and help members realize the most value from their existing phones.

The features we are releasing as part of our Alpha have a long term place in our digital ecosystem. Getting them right will mean we are ready to deliver a physical SIM card for phones without eSIM. Iterating on the architecture will make things like wireless number portability and wireless subscription management an easier task in the future.

But enough about our long term plans.

The Periwinkle alpha release is here!

Today we are happy to announce the release of our first Alpha (Periwinkle) release for our founding members. Android version can be found here. For us, it has been a long time coming, and we have about 2 more releases worth of ideas and fixes that we will be posting to Build-it!

From here the road gets even more exciting and finally a bit faster since our fundamental things are setup.

The Periwinkle release includes the following:

  • Secure account creation
  • Profile personalization
  • Account cancellation
  • Connectivity monitoring with background scans
  • Privacy and data management for scans
  • Marketplace, curated for your phone
  • Secure payments through credit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Drop-shipping products to your door
  • Email and text message notifications
  • Basic support and v0.2


Plus, a Founding Members announcement!

To celebrate this release, we are happy to announce some of the perks* for you, our Founding Members:

  • A free monthly subscription to wireless service when it launches
    • Founding members will get their monthly subscription fee waived, which includes voice and text, so they only pay for Data On Tap with all its benefits - unlimited rollover and no roaming fees in Canada or the US.
  • Ongoing Marketplace discounts and special offers
  • Discounts on repairs, phone insurance (available in the near future)

*There are still regulatory decisions pending from the government after wireless industry review is done on July 15th, so details and pricing for our products and services are subject to change. You can read more about the Basic and Full wireless subscription options on the Membership page. Founding members will always receive exclusive benefits and discounts, regardless of any changes we need to make.

Have something to add?

Head over to our Build It page to see our overall progress and to vote on or discuss upcoming features.