A Black Friday thank you for Founding Members

The problem with Black Friday is that not everything is a deal. A lot of what's on sale will be old stock or something made specifically for Black Friday so that you can't compare prices. We decided on a different approach, one that rewards our Founding Members for their early support. (Hint: things are actually on sale!)

Almost everything in the marketplace is discounted, as low as we can go, and we will continue to pay for delivery. It's almost like shopping at cost.

On top of that, Founding Members have two extra ways to save even more! Choose from two promo codes, depending on what you want to buy. Plus, using the promo codes helps us test out some of the improvements we've made to the app.

There are definitely some too-good-to-be-true deals in the app, so grab your code below and take a look!


Get $20.00 CAD off any marketplace order. Discount is applied before tax. Minimum purchase $20.00 CAD. Maximum one hundred (100) redemptions during the promotion period. One (1) redemption per member account. Does not apply to shipping. Cannot be combined with other promo codes. Offer ends November 30, 2020.


Get 20% off any marketplace order. Discount is applied before tax. No minimum purchase. Unlimited redemptions per member account. Does not apply to shipping. Cannot be combined with other promo codes. Offer ends November 30, 2020. Extended! Offer ends December 31, 2020, at 11:59 pm. 

Some of our members are asking us why we've built "Yet-Another-eCommerce-Store" (aka YACS).  It's a good question, and we'll dive into it deeper in another post, but here's the high-level "why".

Shared Core Functionality

Much of what we've built is required to provide wireless service through a fully digital provider.  Account creation, payment methods and shipping will be needed to send customers a physical SIM card - we know not everyone who needs affordable and awesome service will have an eSIM capable phone.

Member Benefits

We can extend our core functionality to provide our members with access to useful tools and products, and as often as possible at a discounted price.  It creates added value for anyone with a subscription by leveraging our subscriber numbers to get better prices.  We also hope to work with our members to co-curate the product selection through reviews, feedback, and suggestions - this way it's not just YACS, but a trusted place to find products vetted by the community.

Supporting Canadian Businesses

Purchases through our marketplace support dotmobile, but even more so the Canadian businesses we partner with.  Axessorize and Mellow are from Montreal.  Bounce is a Vancouver company.  Solutions 2 GO is a family operated business in Brampton.  There are other ways to shop online, but as a Member of the dotmobile community, you'll have a new way to support Canadian businesses. 

Take a look below at the deals we've negotiated for our members this month, and open the app up to see just how great a deal you can get with a promo code.



Grab a new case from Speck with Microban microbial protection or an eco-friendly one-of-a-kind case from Mellow. Pair it with a Phone Screen Replacement Plan from Bounce to keep your phone in tip-top shape for years to come, even if you smash the screen!



Bluetooth controllers from 8bitdo have retro flair but work wirelessly with your phone, your tablet, or even a Nintendo Switch. Pair it with a Bluetooth headset from our newest partner, Lucid Sound, for the ultimate gaming experience at home or on the go.



High-quality solar panels fold up into your backpack or are built right into a portable power bank. No matter how off the grid you go, you can keep your devices charged for photos, GPS, or watching those Netflix episodes you downloaded before hitting the road.


Terms and Conditions


What is dotmobile’s November 20/20 Promotion?

There are two ways to save more during dormobile’s November 20/20 Sale:

  1. $20 OFF DOOR CRASHER - first 100 orders only! Enter promo code 20BUCKS and receive a $20 (CAD) discount on your marketplace order of $20 or more.
  2. 20% OFF ANY ORDER - enter promo code FOUNDERS20 to get a 20% discount on your entire order.

Plus, these promo codes can be combined with the already deep discounts and free shipping in the dotmobile Marketplace.

    Who is eligible?

    This sale is open to everyone with a free dotmobile member account with a “Founding Member” status.  

    • Founding Member status is automatically granted to the first ten thousand dotmobile members. 
    • To check on your status, log in to https://dotmobile.app and select your profile image - Founding Members will have a badge assigned to them.
    • To learn more about the perks and benefits of being a Founding Member, check out this blog post.
    When is this offer available?

    The dotmobile November 20/20 Sale will run from 10:00 AM (ET) on November 26 until 11:59 PM (ET) on November 30.  Early access starts November 25 at 6:00 PM.

    EXTENDED! Promotion code FOUNDERS20 availability extended until 11:59 PM (ET) on December 31, 2020.

    What are the restrictions for the promo codes?

    Both of the promotions can be applied to regular and sale prices. The promo codes cannot be combined with other promo codes and have some rules about their usage.


    • $20 CAD discount is applied before tax
    • Minimum purchase $20.00 CAD
    • Maximum one hundred (100) redemptions
    • One (1) redemption per member account
    • Does not apply to shipping
    • Cannot be combined with other promo codes


    • 20% discount is applied before tax
    • No minimum purchase
    • Unlimited redemptions per member account
    • Does not apply to shipping
    • Cannot be combined with other promo codes