Meet our new cloud core

We are excited to announce a new partnership, one that will help us to usher in a new level of wireless service innovation in Canada

Toronto, Canada
Oslo, Norway


Data On Tap Inc. reaches an agreement with Scandinavia based Working Group Two (WG2) to help design and build a new generation cloud-core for its dotmobile™ wireless service in Canada in 2020.

The core network is a central part of the network that integrates the Mobile Network Operators’ radio access network (RAN) and all the other wireless service enabling systems. The core plays a key role in powering the wireless talk, text and data services, ensuring the routing of calls, authorizing the data sessions, texting, roaming services and pretty much everything else wireless carriers provide.

As of August of 2019, dotmobile™ is a registered ‘Proposed Full MVNO’. According to rules set by the Canadian telecom regulator - the CRTC - an agreement with the core network provider is one of the three essential requirements needed to become a Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The other: A system to manage customers and an agreement for network access.

“We are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that sees the importance of investing in the network infrastructure. Having our own core-network is paramount to offering differentiated service, having cost and speed to market advantages and unleashing real wireless service disruption. dotmobile™ is following a low-cost high-tech business model. Modern cloud infrastructure, simple connectivity options and reduced operational complexity will bring significant savings and improved wireless experience to its members at a lower cost,” says Algis Akstinas, CEO of dotmobile™.

“WG2 was created to enable the new generation of wireless service providers. Built on a cloud architecture as-a-service platform, it provides a continuously evolving, environment for wireless service providers to efficiently build and deploy innovative services. It natively supports all the latest telecommunication services (LTE, voLTE, voLTE roaming, Wi-Fi Calling and Texting, Visual Voicemail) as well as advanced AI features, IFTTT integration, developers access, etc. The WG2 cloud core platform will be compatible with 5G when it’s fully rolled out in the radio access network. We are excited about the dotmobile™ vision and working together to deliver true service innovation in Canada,” says WG2 co-founder and CEO Erlend Prestgard.

“We love partnering with innovative companies and the Scandinavian region is a hotbed of telecommunications innovation. Through this partnership, we will be able to offer affordable reliable and secure service - a new level of wireless service innovation in Canada,” says Algis Akstinas, CEO of dotmobile™