How much data do you waste?

Tell us how your plan is or isn't working for you. What would you want to see different? How can we make Data on Tap work for your needs?

Your wireless plan is a waste (of gigabytes).

How much wireless data are you using each month? How much is included in your plan? It might be something you've looked into recently, but if not you should. Even looking at the last two or three months should be enough to see the problem.

Your plan is too big.

There's a good chance that you only use half, two thirds, or three-quarters of your monthly plan's included data.  The rest you throw in the trash even though you paid for it. There are no take-away boxes here. 

Now try this - divide the cost of your monthly plan by the number of GB included.  You can use this to estimate how much money you're throwing away each month.

Your plan is also too small.

There's an equally good chance that you used more data than what's included in your monthly plan.  Overage rates for the big telecoms in Canada are $10 / 100MB, and they're sold in 100MB chunks.  This means if you go over by 1MB you pay $10 extra and if you go over by 110MB you pay $20 extra.

How many times have you gone over, compared to how many times you've been under?  Why is the game rigged??


Share your stories! Help us Build it!

Tell us how your plan is or isn't working for you.  What would you want to see different?  How can we make Data on Tap work for your needs?

18:57 2021/03/02

One of my biggest issues is the bad pricing from Province to Province. My job has me travel around all the time, and having to change provinces forces a stupid shift to a much worse plan. Not changing addresses means I can't have things shipped to me. It's one Canada, why not one price! Unity!

18:07 2021/03/02

I love the rollover possibility - I have $60 15 gig grandfather plan from koodo, but I only am using 3 gig a month, mostly due to the pandemic. I am fearful of changing it though since I'll lose the actual deal. So here I am using 20% of what I'm paying for.

18:12 2021/03/01

I currently have a 14GB plus unlimited calling/texting within Canada + 1000 LD minutes to India for 60 bucks from Koodo. Hope this amounts to great value and service for propective customers. To be honest, I am happy with Koodo but I would like more options to look at and shop around.

10:44 2021/03/01

Having roll over data is a good idea. I don’t have to over pay for something I don’t use

05:36 2021/03/01

Even pre Covid I always have access to wifi be it at home or at work. If I recall I don't think I have ever exceeded 1.5GB and that was only due to having a data setting not set correctly, yet always stuck paying for way more due to the way plans are setup. Really looking forward to you guys launching this service so we can finally get some good reasonably priced service.

02:38 2021/03/01

My data consumption has a wide variance on a month to month basis (some months 4-6gb, others barely 1gb). So the ability to purchase data without any time limits imposed on its usage is particularly important! Pay per gig is one of dotmobile's greatest draws for me!

10:19 2021/01/27

I have 24GB for $60 with Fido, when I signed up with them during Boxing Week Deals. They promised 10 dollar discount for first 10 months on advertisement, but not in reality. Instead they gave me 5 dollar discount for 12 months. I signed up with Fido as future-proofing, but I feel if I had control with how much I would spend every month, I would be completely into it. I'm not sure it would offer as much data I have now with Dotmobile, but I think other family members at my household would enjoy Dotomobile's rollover data, as their usage is most of time below 1GB and have to pay $25 for 1GB with Public Mobile ($22 with autopay and loyalty).

15:31 2021/01/18

I have 1 gig with unlimited Canada-wide talk & text for about $25/month and even pre-COVID I barely used 200MB per month. Just one gig would go a long ways. If it's priced right and works right, dotmobile is gonna be a steal for me.

23:14 2021/01/16

Grandfathered Public Mobile with 12 GB (over 120 days) at LTE speeds. Currently $32 /month (with discounts - loyalty, prepay and referrals(2) ). Since covid, rarely went over 1 GB/month, but previously running 2-3 GB/month.

09:38 2021/01/11

I have an Infinite plan from Rogers. Its still shared. Primary line gets 20 gb, other lies get 10. But it's all shared and unlimited. Throttles to 512Kbps down/upload speeds. Have 63Gb shared across 5 lines and used half and there's a week left

21:29 2021/01/10

I have a plan through Virgin that gives me unlimited talk and text plus 4 Gb of data for $45/month. I managed to get an additional $10 off per month for 12 months but that has expired. Hopefully I can get them to reapply the discount because I barely use 1 Gb per month since I am home most of the time. I had hoped to do more traveling (road trips) but that fell by the wayside this past year. With data on tap and no roaming fees in the USA, dotmobile may work well for me once the world stabilizes and safe travel can resume.

15:07 2020/11/17

Right now , with working from home my data usage is lower than usual, I have a grandfathered Data plan from Bell ( Unlimited High Speed) reaching sometime close to 300Mbps - Downtown Ottawa. this plan being Unlimited, I never have to worry about exceeding it, so sharing it with my spouse and my friends has an Hot-stop when I am out and about, I can easily reached peaks of 50 to 70 Gb of usage monthly. I don't think any other plan could ever do better for me. This is combined with 250 Minutes daytime, unlimited calling in evening and weekends ... Unlimited LD ( Can/US), and all call features like voicemail, call display, call waiting etc... for 75$/month taxes in - I Don't really travel to US often.

10:43 2020/09/01

I am using Public Mobile at this point. I generally use less than 1G a month because of all the wifi access points I have. But still that means each month I may use just under 1G or I find I am getting closer then have to purchase another 1G for 15.00. Which is a rollover type but still. Telecommmunications ahould not be another thing on our task list to try and "budget" Figure out each month how much you yse then adjust month after month. I originally started on the 8.5G plan because I had a 10G plan with Bell for 115.00...yikes I know. Then moving to Public for 50.00 for 8.5G. Then moved to a 40.00 plan with 5G. You get the idea. it took me a few months to figure out what plan kinda works for me.

14:48 2020/07/27

My plan has 10gb of high speed and the rest is slow speed and I could always use more high speed. I have long commutes and would love to stream tv but I don’t have enough high speed data for that. Low speed is practically useless for anything other than checking email. It would be nice if you could turn off the high speed when doing low speed tasks (ie. checking email) so you could save it for watching video.

21:31 2020/07/21

So I’m currently on a Rogers promo plan that gives me 25 GB for $68 with no overages. This works out to $2.72 per GB. That said, most months I use only a bit more than half. That said, with current work-from-home/anywhere arrangements, I do find myself using more data while tethering. Whether I leave Rogers will depend heavily on what the per GB rate is here. A bit more than I’m paying now is probably OK given I will save most months. But at even $5/GB (pro-rated), it wouldn’t make sense for me.

13:26 2020/07/22

To be honest, that's a very good price per GB even when you consider applying the rate to your actual usage. It's much less than what most Canadians pay. Compared to the national average (2.7GB) you are a heavy user, and yet you still only touch half of your plan inclusion. This is typical of how Canadians buy their wireless plans, having been slapped with punitive overages in the past.

14:19 2020/07/26

You're expecting too much, your plan is pretty great and I'm pretty sure you got it through an EPP deal or something. $5/GB would be a pretty decent price, since unlike other carriers you will have a lot of data rollover, so most people will save money in the long run. Dot Mobile won't really be great for heavy users like you. You can get effectively unlimited plans if you're okay with paying ~$70 a month. The biggest problem with telecom is in the sub-50 range: Fido's cheapest plan currently is $45 for 1GB, for instance.

08:52 2020/06/10

Why not offer data only ? More and more peoples have voip.

08:54 2020/06/10

Also, data under 10go is insufficient.

21:33 2020/07/21

Essentially it is data only. As a founding member, you don’t pay for talk and text.

13:22 2020/07/22

We have two options for monthly subscription (founding members excluded) - one is data only, the other with voice and text. Both cases there is a monthly fee to cover recurring cost of keeping things running, and then data on tap goes on top.

14:20 2020/07/26

Data Under 10GB is unsufficient? Average data usage in Canada is around 3GB a month.

02:22 2021/07/06

Personally need the text plan for short codes for authorizations. Most voip services dont gaurantee that they will work

18:50 2019/10/16

I only use 1.5 gigs of a limit of 6 gigs. I have always been under. Its too expensive to go over. Sorry kids, youtube is broken today!!!!

17:11 2019/06/07

At least a few times a year I would blow through the data included in the plan. The first megabyte of that data with all biggest providers is now $10 immediate fee. Wireless code of conduct delivered consumer protection to stop data overages at home to $50 maximum and $100 when you travel abroad. Because of these overages, I have to maintain a higher plan than I need to, instead of the other way around. Paying a bit more when I am really using the service.

10:45 2020/09/01

Inhad the same issue when I was with Bell. I got burned a few times so I would have a massive plan just in case. Where it shouldnt be like that.

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