How do you compare?

Are you using the apples to oranges technique? Or have you found an app that does it right?

Your best friend will probably give you bad wireless advice.

Most people ask their friends for advice on who to pick as their next wireless carrier.  Sometimes they do online research, but mostly looking for a good deal or a fair price (spoiler: there aren't any these days).

The problem is that they don't have the same needs that you have.  They're using a different phone, travelling to different places, and doing different things.  You work, live, and play in different places.  Your family probably doesn't live in the same place as their family does.

It's about as apples to oranges as you can get.


Do you want to know if you're getting your money's worth?

What if you were able to compare yourself to a whole bunch of other people, and find examples that match your usage and needs.  You could more easily find recommendations for what works and find out what doesn't.  You could make a proper decision on who should be providing you with connectivity before you commit to twenty-four months with them.


Who's doing a good job already?

There are plenty of examples out there of companies that help you compare yourself to others - so tell us which ones are your favourites?

17:35 2019/06/06

It always a history, the majority of the company understand and accept customers are their King and Queen, but they only respect that in the early stages of the games, once they had enough number or enough to survive than they become like any other big companies. ig: the big 3 or 4 telecommunications company

15:25 2019/06/07

Hey S., We get the scepticism. Having launched a wireless provider in Canada before we. But what changes quite a bit with all-digital and virtual network model is that you do not need to invest billions of dollars (inneficiently) to build network infrastructure. That in turn changes who can be a wireless provider, how many people you need to serve to be profitable, and have significant indepence to make pro-consumer design choices. We had many good developments over the last 10 years. Unfortunately it didn't amount to more competitive market. Is there particular aspect of the service that you think would help the most to make wireless more affordable, including paying fair price back to networks.

15:26 2019/06/07

Having launched a wireless provider in Canada before we've seen issues first hand.

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