Designing a more private wireless service

At dotmobile, we are designing our services in a manner that respects and protects your personal information. Most wireless service providers don’t openly talk about what happens with your personal information, and we want to change that. In this post, we are providing an overview of our design of privacy. Let us know if we’re on the right track in comments or by emailing us at We look forward to reading your thoughts.

Our business model is anchored on several principles, including the principles of Accessibility and Transparency reflected in The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

We uphold these principles in several ways, including providing our users with an easy to understand Privacy Policy and listing numerous examples of the types of information we will be collecting and outlines how that information will be used.  


JOINING with just an email address

An email address is all you need to become a member, and if you choose to log in using social media we only use your name and profile picture to personalize your account. We’ll only collect additional information if and when we need it to provide additional services or if you choose to personalize your own experience. By minimizing the personal information we need from you to use wireless services, we will be able to offer a really fast way to connect (hello eSIM!), it’s also easier to manage and protect.


PAYING with a saved payment method

To use our paid services in the future (e.g. buying things for your phone in the marketplace section, paying for 30/360 day subscription for wireless service, or buying data on tap when it will be available) you will need an online payment method. Our app connects directly to the payment processor and generates a token to authorize your payment card or save it in our system. We will store 4 digits to help identify the card used for specific payments, but we don’t need to store your entire payment card details, even for a millisecond.


CHOOSING how much information you wish to share and receive

Some of our services (e.g. connectivity monitoring, reviews, outage reports) will be powered by our members and the information they share with us. Consistent with our commitment to transparency, we put you in control of the amount of information you wish to share by identifying and displaying the places where we ask for additional personal information.

We also want to give you control over how much we share back, so you'll be able to choose what we send to you and how we send it.


CHECKING what information we are collecting about you

We want to be upfront about the information we collect about you and how we will use your personal information. Accordingly, our privacy policy will outline the purpose of collection and what types of information we collect about them.

If your information is not accurate, and you are unable to correct it using our website or upcoming app, you can contact our privacy officer at


SECURING private information

Part of managing private information is about ensuring that we know where it is stored, who has access to it, and how the security is managed to meet a certain standard (including agreements, training, breach protocols and procedures). Information stored and processed in foreign jurisdictions will be subject to local laws, for example.

Currently, we store and process all private information in Montreal, Canada (Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform).

There are a lot of things to consider as our service expands. Do Canadians want to pay a premium to have all their data processed locally? Or is it more important to have greater redundancy and reliability?


RETENTION of private information

Retention of private information is important when leaving the provider permanently. We want you to stay with us, but we understand that at some point you might wish to cancel your services. We are making this process quick and easy to follow. Simply log-in to your account and choose the Cancel option in the upcoming app.

We will also allow manual flushing/anonymization of location data collected through the connectivity intelligence tool. It’s like resetting mileage on the car’s dashboard without completely deleting your profile.

Important: For company liability and legal protection, we will retain some information (marketplace orders, payment transactions, basic account information) for up to 2 years or as otherwise required by law. We will, however, anonymize the data that we no longer need (e.g. gathered through connectivity monitoring, saved shipping address).


13:54 2020/03/20

i cant wait !!

23:13 2020/03/01

when,when,when will we see this working. thank you dotmobile for taking the lead .

11:18 2020/03/04

The CRTC hearing wrapped up last week, so we're a few months away from a final ruling. I expect sometime late this year we will be able to offer full service. Between now and then we will launch what we can as soon as we can. No need for a big reveal. :)

19:01 2020/01/22

I'm looking forward to using this service!

02:49 2020/01/18

Incant wait to try it

02:47 2020/01/18


22:40 2020/01/17

On the right track. Privacy is important

11:19 2020/03/04

Agreed! Happy to have your support!

23:34 2019/12/06

So far, so good. Thank you.

12:11 2019/12/09

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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