Circle of Trust

Life can sometimes be unpredictable. Coincidences will manifest often when we least expect them. Case in point, just as we asked our members how they felt about their personal privacy in light of their wireless provider's policies, a Koodo/Telus privacy breach happens.

Reported here: Koodo admits February data breach, data already being sold on dark web and here: Koodo data breach exposes account and phone numbers

From the article: "In response to the breach, Koodo says it “acted quickly to prevent further unauthorized access.” The carrier also notes that some customers could be at risk of unauthorized number porting. In other words, a fraudster could use the compromised information to gain control of a customer’s phone number by moving it to another carrier, allowing the fraudster to receive that customer’s calls and texts." Aside from customer's private data being sold on the dark web—which we see as a massive issue—number porting poses an enormous inconvenience with potentially devastating outcomes for customers.

It's clear from our member's perspective that the wireless industry as a whole has a lot of work to do to ensure customers trust the way they handle their private information. At dotmobile, we've given this a lot of thought. Part of managing private information is about ensuring that we know where it is stored, who has access to it, and how the security is managed to meet a certain standard (including agreements, training, breach protocols and procedures).

Learn more about how we approach keeping customer data secure and breach free in our blog post.

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