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Share your thoughts on some early prototypes for our personalized accessory store, including which types of information you would like to see before tapping or clicking on a product for more details.

Release: Periwinkle (Alpha)

Feature: Personalized Accessory Store

Here are two variations of the Product Tile element.

This is how a product will be shown when you are browsing the store. The tile is supposed to help you decide if you want to see more details and maybe purchase it. We need your help to decide which of the two options is most helpful (and why), or if there is something else that we could do to make your shopping experience better. 

Imagine: you are browsing for a new phone case.

Consider: what is most important to know before you look at the product in more detail.

Comment: which of the two variations you prefer, why, and what we can do to improve the experience.


  • The Personalized Accessory Store will automatically filter out any products that are not compatible with your phone.
  • Variations like colour, size, or cord length will be treated like clothing sizes - there will be one listing on the store and you choose your options before you add to cart.
  • All text is placeholder only! It's silly. Yes, we know there are typos. :)
  • Any product images and brand names are for illustrative purposes only.

11:55 07/15

I'm 57yrs old. Popular means nothing. The only color I ever choose is black. Aspects of Function are more critical. Show me an easy way to discover the functional attributes quickly. Neither A nor Be.

16:40 07/11

Option A; less subjective and can vote based on what you think, not on what is 'popular' or has a lot of ratings which can easily sway people.

10:30 07/06

I like Option B because of the star ratings, button for more colours(which I assume could be customized for many options) and the three dots which would presumably give you more sub-menus

20:36 07/01

Option b because more couleurs makes people want to click to see what couler options there are. Also people tend to like reviews myself included

16:15 06/24

Prefer Option B; Suggest multiple (say 3) star ratings be provided for three specific criteria to make it more valuable.... sort of what Chelsea noted.

10:14 06/24

Star ratings are overrated and uninformative most of the time, especially when there's 5 or fewer ratings. I like the tagging functionality on B ("popular") - would it expand to include other characteristics? "heavy duty" vs "light weight", "bestseller", etc?

13:47 06/24

Tagged characteristics could be useful for both browsing and filtering - ie. heavy duty vs lightweight. Popularity has less value when the selection is curated/limited.

If reviews were guaranteed to always be from members who purchased the product, how many would you need to see the value in them?

If star ratings were eliminated, what other information would you want to know from previous purchasers, if anything?

15:13 06/24
If reviews were guaranteed from members who purchased the product, I'd be happy to see 3 or more

) :| :( might be enough for me?

might be enough

04:38 06/24

As others have said, option B, while showing the colour dots. If I am looking for a particular colour, I will click through to that colour right away. But I don't want to have to click to see if the colour I am after is available, especially if there are multiple items I am searching for. Option B with colour dots will show me at a glance if I can match multiple items in the same colour.

11:25 06/22

Option B, with the color option visible when viewing the webpage for the item.

22:45 06/21

I find B is better. I prefer reviews over the other info

21:51 06/21

I'd prefer option B, as all the information is right there so it's easy to skim through and find what you're looking for.

21:28 06/21

I prefer A, if I want more info, I’d click thru to reviews and such. Option to sort by rating, and maybe adding a smaller rating

19:58 06/21

If I had to pick one, I would pick 'B'. I like being able to see the star ratings, however I think it's very important to show the "color dots" from option A. It's too easy to think that the pictured color is the only option, even though the large text clearly indicates otherwise. The dots stand out and make the color choices obvious.

10:05 06/24

Would tags like "Popular" or "New" be helpful? We could replace that with the colour dots.

19:40 06/21

I Like how A shows the colours compared to B. But B is better overall due to the star ratings and identifying that it's a popular product

18:31 06/21

Not to be "that guy," but will you have more options?

09:59 06/24

These are the first two options based on the initial design requirements.

What would you like to see differently?

17:09 06/21

A has a polished look but, B should be easier to maintain for a small team.

16:41 06/21

B colour/ texture in background to give perspective of product. Also like star rating. How will this be generated/ verified?

10:00 06/24

Good question! The intent is to only allow users who have purchased the product through the app to post a review. This will maintain integrity, at the expense of quantity.

We are still working on what leaving a review will look like - stay tuned!

16:04 06/21

B because it shows how many star ratings on the product to let you know if it is a good product or not.

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