A big week for wireless customers in Canada

Everyone has an opinion about wireless in Canada, and up until now the regulator only hears the opinions of the big telecoms. We're one of the companies who want to change that, to bring affordable and awesome wireless service to Canada - and we've just taken another step towards that goal.

This was an important week for wireless customers in Canada. As a part of wireless review proceeding, the CRTC asked for feedback about the current state of the Canadian wireless industry, including the proposal to properly support independent tiny telecoms (instead of just big telecoms). 

You can read a variety of articles written about what the big telecoms are saying, and (surprise!) they aren't interested in affordability or solving real problems faced by Canadians.

All of this fuss despite the proven value that competition and tiny telecoms bring to network operators worldwide, and no talk of fixing the problems faced by underserved Canadians - youth, seniors, students, families, newcomers, visitors to the country, small businesses or any Canadian who wants to save or optimize their spending.

In contrast, our analysis focused on problems faced by Canadians every day. For example, the dearth of quality connectivity options available for $30 compared to $130 per month. We want to address more than just average prices, it’s also about enabling connectivity for people with moderate needs or modest budgets.

Despite what the big telecoms tell us, better wireless service doesn't always mean higher speeds, it also means pricing differentiation and service innovation. The big telecoms have failed to deliver and our proposal is to let tiny telecoms like dotmobile™ do their thing.

To start, we are building easier ways to connect, data sold by the gig with perpetual rollover, no additional roaming charges when travelling to the US, talk and text available anywhere in the world on wi-fi, and controls to better optimize the balance of connectivity and cost.

You can read our entire submission - but it’s 19 pages long, you’ve been warned. :)

For those of you who want a more bite-sized option, we will be publishing parts of our submission to our blog over the next couple of weeks.  To get notified when a post is up, follow us on Twitter or Facebook - or, you can just pop by the website once a week and read up on the new content.

We will cover topics ranging from the impact of $0 phone contracts and punitive data overage charges to how tiny telecoms have improved pricing in countries like the UK without destroying their wireless industry.