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With everything else in the app, we are going all digital with Support too! Discussed in this Build It! post, are our in-app Support design architecture and its salient features. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Hola! Introducing dotmobile’s in-app Support Architecture in this blog!

If there is one key functionality that we haven’t talked much about earlier with you, then that’s Support!
With everything else in the app, we are going all digital with Support too!  Support/Help Center/Customer Care - different terminologies, yet one primary goal! - to resolve the user’s service request in the best way possible. 

For support related grievances generally, you may have been required to visit physical stores or navigate on long calls with IVR (Interactive voice response). However,  we are designing a system that is digital, smart and gives access to all support features from within our app! 

Why are we building our support feature in the app?

Why Support in an app, you may ask? As with all our other features, we want you to get assistance with your queries from within our app. While this may be a shift from how you currently seek help for your telecom queries, including being required to visit physical stores, we want to change that experience for you. We feel it is the hour of need. A digital in-app support solution does not just work as fine or better than the current traditional support systems but also is efficient, and cost-effective. 

So, what support features will our app provide to you? 

Some of the salient features offered by our in-app Support Solution will include: 

  • Knowledge Base: It will contain articles, instructions and easily navigable answers to most frequently asked questions 
  • Ticketing system: Members can raise service requests (issues) for multiple things, such as order related queries. The service requests (tickets) will be traceable and transparent, giving you an option to see your old tickets, and also see the most frequently raised tickets by other members. Tickets will be both manual and automated. 
  • In-app chat with Our AI-driven chatbot named will initiate intelligent conversations, record feedback, and provide personalized context pertaining to your service requests.

  • In-app Feedback and Push notifications: Feedbacks will be collected from you through push notifications. All positive feedback will add to the app’s ratings, while low or negative feedback from you will automatically generate a ticket for us to look into in detail. 
  • Callback: We are designing Support Functionality in a way that will support all requests, however, we also want to give you an opportunity to speak to a live agent for tricky problems that require human interaction. In our Support Functionality, we will provide a callback option, through which you can schedule a callback from a live agent at a time convenient to you. 

What do we want to learn from you? 

As we are designing and developing our Support Functionality, we want to know what are your thoughts on the features that we introduced? What other tools would you like to see helping members? Let us know in the comments below! 


22:19 01/06

I've had the pleasure of dealing with other basic voices providers including one that also offered a sim card for data and voice. I find the problems can arise with the app itself. For example, I used the phone through my vehicle and found it worked better than actual using the app. The other issues I had in early releases of their app was not showing up in default Pps section for both text and phone. One I use has ability to use another sim card with number through gsm from the void app.l All looks good. One step at a time!

22:13 01/06

I have to agree with anonymous. Bits can be useless for questions that can't be directed to most common fans. It's not a bot problem completely but can be the question isn't asked in an orderly fashion. Drop down or pop-up suggestions listing categories r subjects could be helpful.

08:07 2020/09/26

I think you should have a live chat option before a scheduled call. I have found bots can’t really answer more complicated questions. If calls can come back immediately then it might be ok, but t if you have to wait a day or two to get a call it might be too long a wait for a serious issue.

22:41 2020/04/24

The call back option will fill a need that current providers that have gone completely digital do not have. Overall I like all the options that you have provided. One question will DOT have a dot village or district dot for a sort of comradery of customers to talk about dot, services and just be able to share different ideas?

13:49 2020/05/08

That's a good question. Currently, most of our discussions with our members happen on our social media channels, including reddit (r/dotmobile). What other places do you suggest will be helpful to have the kind of discussions that you suggested?

17:49 2020/04/24

Awesome. Keep up the good work. I quite like the openness and how you plan on dealing with issues that arise. I’m in my 60’s and just like in the early 1980’s I realized computers and technology were going to be a big part of our live. Things are always changing. We need to be able to learn and embrace change rather than fear it.

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With everything else in the app, we are going all digital with Support too! Discussed in this Build It! post, are our in-app Support design architecture and its salient features. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!