Your favourite homepage.

We'll explain what a "homepage dashboard" is and you'll share your favourites with us!

How do you compare?

Are you using the apples to oranges technique? Or have you found an app that does it right?

What is bad connectivity?

We want to hear about the times you were let down by no signal, missed calls, disappearing text messages, or plain old bad connectivity.

Read our press release about brand and website launch

We are excited to announce our plans for affordable and awesome wireless service in Canada!

Digital-only isn't a compromise, it's an upgrade!

Building a product is all about compromise, particularly if you're trying to accommodate every business process since the beginning of time. Luckily, we're building the product and the business at the same time.

What is eSim and how will it change the way we connect?

eSIM is a new technology that will let you choose wireless providers from a list and get connected instantly. And that is not the biggest thing it will change!

A big week for wireless customers in Canada

Everyone has an opinion about wireless in Canada, and up until now the regulator only hears the opinions of the big telecoms. We're one of the companies who want to change that, to bring affordable and awesome wireless service to Canada - and we've just taken another step towards that goal.

Our first license and the hunt for an office

We're sharing pics from our office hunt and updates on what's coming next!

Affordable wireless is finally coming, but the devil’s in the details

Here is our take on this week's game-changing developments and three key provisions to make this really work for everyone. Read what will be possible and explore examples of tiny telecom differentiated propositions from around the globe.