There must be a better way!

Just like you, we complain about our wireless providers.

For some of us it’s about the complexity. Confusing rate plans. Stores that can’t help. Call centres that bounce you around. For others it’s the unfair pricing. Roaming fees when we go to the US. Unexpected data overages on the bill. “Aren’t we already paying the highest fees in the world? “.

For the rest, it’s about the lack of control and affordability. Paying for more than you need most of the time. Saving zero dollars if you use less. Not everyone needs to be hyper-connected all of the time.

Our team

What if we
re-engineer it all?

Years of research, building and launching wireless services in Canada and around the globe went by and led us to develop our own vision.
A wireless provider of the future.

The Blueprint to Build it!

Member powered
Everything in the app
Simple and
Connect to multiple networks
Embrace AI and machine learning
Private by design

The team behind dotmobile


has global experience launching and transforming wireless carriers. He spent the last 9 years leading product, customer acquisition and commercial strategy for a Canadian wireless start-up, advocating for shorter and more transparent phone contracts, banning phone locking, and implementing fair data policies (all adopted by the Canadian Wireless Code of Conduct).

Firm believer in the better way to connect through collaboration, artificial intelligence and the newest digital technologies.


has over 12 years of experience in the Canadian wireless industry, designing numerous business, product, and customer experiences. His main focus continues to be real-time interactions, self-care tools, and intelligent automation.

An advocate for digital transformation and emerging technologies, and their power to deliver great experiences


Do you have the passion, digital skills and want to help change the wireless landscape in Canada?

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