Connectivity Monitoring

Choose from a number of settings to monitor the quality of your connectivity in the background without running speed tests. GPS data will combine with your phones built-in measurements to better understand if your wireless service provider is delivering on their promise.

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The big telecoms finally have unlimited plans, a welcome relief from typically punitive overages. Despite what they want you to believe, however, there is nothing innovative about their approach. Freedom Mobile has been doing unlimited data for years, starting all the way back to when they were still called WIND; so for the better part of a decade, many Canadians have had their data throttled.
Were you affected by the wireless problems during the Raptor's victory parade? Even if you weren't able to be there (like me), there's a good chance you've encountered the same problem: lots of bars of signal on your phone but nothing works. How can we improve this experience?
We want to hear about the times you were let down by no signal, missed calls, disappearing text messages, or plain old bad connectivity.