Web (May 2019)
Alpha (June 2020)
Beta (Late 2021*)
Future Releases
Details about future releases have not been posted yet. You can find more general information on the Vision page.
Web (May 2019)
Alpha (June 2020)
Beta (Late 2021*)
Future Releases
Codename: Gorse
Status: Technical Design.

The Beta Release of our application, including all features required for dotmobile to be your wireless service provider

*Current timeline: Late 2021. The exact launch timing depends on our ability to get access to radio-access networks nationally as Canada's first licensed Full MVNO and build the required tech and functionality.


Subscribing to our wireless plans will be simple - download the app, order eSIM/SIM, choose one of two plans and then buy data by the gig whenever you need it.  There will be suggested settings for automatic refills of data, including limits for monthly spending and when you receive notifications.

Data (per GB) pricing applicable in Canada and US (with unlimited roll-over) will be announced 6 months before launch. 


With data by the gig what you buy is yours. There aren’t any artificial restrictions on where or when you can use it. Automatically refill your data when it’s low or do it on demand when your budget allows.
Make calls and send text messages from anywhere in Canada and the US, as well as from any Wi-Fi connection worldwide. Expect advanced texting features plus new cloud-based technologies.
We plan to support both eSIM and SIM card on day one. Contribute to current design, understand how we will manage geographical availability, check the pre-order information inside.
We won’t build the towers but we’ll operate our own core, which is everything that’s needed behind the scenes to power your connectivity.
Instead of picking a plan with the most data that you can afford, we let you set a maximum spending amount for the month. No surprise overages, no overspending when your usage is low.
Current SIM cards will be needed for years to come, and waiting days for a delivery or travelling to a store aren’t always great options. What if we could tap into ride-sharing or food delivery services?
Whether it is a wearable, watch, tablet, or IoT device with wireless connectivity capabilities, we are fully on board with our members connecting multiple devices, using the same wireless plan that our members will be paying for.
Get help in multiple ways: chat with the AI-powered dot.bot, raise a service request ticket or schedule callbacks for tricky problems best solved by speaking to a live agent. No more waiting on hold or traveling to stores just to get your issues resolved!
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